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2016-05-15 i Förvaltningsrätt
Hej:) I am a girl who lives in Sweden. Studying and work deltid Jobb. Today I did the biggest mistake of my life ! I stole 2 clothes with value of 1400kr. From a butik. Polisen kom we spoke he made the report now I have to wait for them to call me for an Interogatorium. I'm studying because I want to have a normal life with a nice job here in Sweden! My question is: 1.hur länge det ska vara min kriminalregister ? Det kommer att vissa för alltid eller det finns en period?2.kommer påverka i framtiden när ska jag få svensk personnummer ? Jag har nu samordninsnumer.Tack gärna !!Med vänliga hälsningar!!

Hello, and thank you for turning to Lawline with you inquiry!

Since I assume swedish is not your first language, I will answer your inquiry in english.

Question 1:
A fine (which would be the penalty for a theft of the value you describe) determined through sentence by a court, approval of a prosecutors suggestion for summary punishment, or order by public official, is erazed from the penal register five years from it being enforceable, 17 § 9 p. Belastningsregisterlagen.

Question 2:
This will not in and by itself have any effects on whether or not you have the right to recieve a swedish personnummer. Your right to a personnummer is determined by being in the civil register. Contact Skatteverket (the swedish tax agency) for more information on this.

Should you need further assistance in this, you're more than welcome to contact us at tfn 08-533 300 04 (monday to wednesday 10:00-16:00) or e-mail us at

Philip Söderberg
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