giltigt äktenskapsförord utan att uppfylla de föreskrifter i Äktenskapsbalken


Dear Sir/Madame

We are a married couple, I am Swedish my wife US citizen. No children.

We have a Prenup registered in Sweden at "Skatteverket".

Our question is;

Can we add a registered "contract" to the existing Prenup(äktenskapsförord)

saying that in case of a divorce I Jan Hygrell will support my wife with $1.000 thousand american dollars

on a monthly basis for life.

Kind Rgds

Lawline svarar

Dear sir, thank you for picking lawline with this urgent matter.

The answer at hand will be centered around äktenskapsbalken which regulates the dealings and proceedings a married couple can contract with each other. It is important to note here, that contracts that regulate property and assets within a marriage with the express purpose of dividing assets after death or divorce is wholly in the realm of family law.

This ultimately means the normal "freedom" individual private actors possess in drawing up contracts or dealing with other private actors are limited to the rules set by family law. These types of procedures are placed because the state concerned puts marriage as a vital interest that is to be protected. Mostly it's a question of frivolous contracts which do not rize to the correct standard, or contracts which burdens one party more than the other.

This goes to say that prenups are fully in the dominion of family law. Which means Prenups have to follow the strict procedure mandated by äktenskapsbalken.

The seventh chapter of the aforementioned statute regulates which type of contract a married couple can establish, which singles out äktenskapsförord. A äktenskapsförord can only regulate assets you own, or will own before a divorce or death. I can not obligate one party to continuously pay maintenance payments for a prescribed timeframe.

Swedish courts would with all certainness strike down such a contract as void if presented.
Jakob WestlingRådgivare
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