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Will my civil partnership get registered in Sweden?

Hello! My partner and I are planning to enter into a civil partnership in Cyprus. Skatteverket said that we shouldn't notify Skatteverket about civil partnerships. The question is - will a foreign partnership have the same rights in Sweden as a marriage? What can be pitfalls? Will it be necessary to remarry?

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Thank you for contacting us at Lawline with your question!

I have understood your question as in that you are wondering if civil partnership equals marriage in Sweden.

Civil partnership in Sweden

Sweden does not have any law that allows new civil partnerships since 2009 when the Swedish law regulating marriage became gender neutral. Thus Skatteverket wont register your partnership and you and your partner will not have the same rights in Sweden as if you were married. Sweden will however recognize, but not register, your partnership if your partner is applying for a recidence permit. 

Will you have the same rights?

Unfortunately this means your and your partner wont have the same rights in Sweden as if you were married. If you are living together you will be recognized as cohabiting partners (sambor) in Sweden. This means that you are given some protection but several laws that would protect your partner in case of your demise are not applicable. Your inheritance wont automatically go to your partner as it would if you were married. Your right to make choices for your partner when they are otherwise unable to make the choices themselves is also more limited than if you were married.

My recommendation is that you get married in Sweden after your registered partnership in Cyprus as there is several pitfalls and differences in Swedish law between cohabiting partners and married couples. 

I hope i gave you some clarity and if you still have any questions do not hesitate to contact us again. 


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