What is the difference between a hyresrätt contract and an inneboende contract?

Can someone who is renting a room as inneboende say that he or she has a hyresrätt contract? What is the concept of hyresrätt, actually?

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Hello! Thank you for using Lawline to find the answer to your question!

The world of rentals in Sweden can be quite confusing – but I think I will be able to clear up your confusion!

Hyresrätt is a "first-hand contract"

Basically, if I am renting a hyresrätt, my name will be on the lease and the contract will be between myself and the housing committee in charge of the apartment building (hyresrättsföreningen). You do not own the apartment, you pay a monthly fee to rent it. However, it is a very secure way of living (there are strict rules to protect the tenants).

Inneboende = sub-letting arrangement!

If you're an inneboende you're usually not renting out an entire apartment. Instead you might rent one room. You can rent from the person who has the first-hand contract. This person must first get permission to from their housing committee to be allowed to have an inneboende.

After that the contract is between you and the person with the first-hand contract. So this isn't the same as having a hyresrätt contract!

This is, however, a common solution for living in Sweden! Despite this, there isn't as much safety on the market for those who are inneboende.

If this is something you're considering, I would highly recommend that you draw up a contract which states clearly:

1. What the rent is

2. How long you're renting

3. What the term of notice (for cancellation of the renting agreement) is

Number 3 above is very important! You don't want to be forced to move, out of the blue!

I wish you the best of luck! Should you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask! I really hoped this helped clear things up for you.

Yours truly,

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