Waiting for a decision from Skatteverket regarding personal identity number

2019-04-29 i Myndigheter
Hello.I want to ask you something if is possible because i ask everbody and i don't receive a good answer.My wife coming here to stay with me.I was with her at skatteverket to make personnummer.Everything was ok in the begining.They told us to wait 4-6 weeks.We still wait.14 weeks from that moment and we don't receive the personnummer.What can we do?Because she can't start SFI because she don't have personnummer.Please i wait a answer because i don't know where to ask.Thank you and have a nice day.f

Hello and thanks for turning to Lawline for help!

As you've noticed the "personnummer" is very important for the everyday life and it is crucial that your wife receives her number as fast as possible. Skatteverket is obligated to make a decision regarding her application. I would therefore recommend you to, as a first step, contact Skatteverket and ask them what happened to her application. There could be something wrong or something missing that just needs to be solved before giving your wife her personnummer. For example ask them if they have your correct adress and phone number. If the communication is hard due to language barriers you almost definately have the right to a translator in this case (13 § of The Administrative Procedure Act from 2017)

I hope you got your questioned answered!

Best regards,

Johanna Bergvall
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