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2017-02-04 i Hyresavtal
Hi im renting out an apartment to a student for six months. i have a recieved a one month deposit and the contract has a start and end date ( jan 1st - Jun 30th), however my tenant wants to end the contract at the end of May by giving me a three month notice on the 1st of March thereby ending the contract by the end of may. is this possible for a tenant to do? or do i have the right to demand they pay for the last month or keep the deposit?

Thank you for turning to Lawline with your question.

First of all,

a) are you letting your tenant rent this apartment within the operation of a business?

b) is this an apartment that you are renting from someone, and in turn letting your tenant rent from you?

c) is this not the first in order out of several apartments you are letting people rent at the same time?

If the answer is NO to all of these three options, your tenant has the right to do what you are describing, according to the Lag om Uthyrning av Egen Bostad, 1, 2 and 3 §§.

The above options are exceptions to the main regulations which apply as follows:

The general rule for rental contracts in which a specific end date is agreed upon is that the contract ends at the agreed date, according to the 12 chapter, 3 §, Jordabalk. There is however an exception to that rule, in the 12 chapter, 5 §. The exception states that regardless of what has been agreed, the tenant always has the right to give a notice to their landlord that the contract shall end at the end of the month, three months later. That means, that if you receive a notice on the 1st of March that the tenant wants to cancel the contract, the effect of that notice would be that the contract will not end until the end of the third month after that. This means that if you receive a notice the 1st of March, the contract will actually not end until the end of june, and you would therefore be able to demand payment for the entire month of june. If you were to receive a notice in february instead, the contract ends at the end of may.


There are two possible regulations that could apply, and therefore the answer to your question is dependant on which one of them is applicable to your situation.

If the answer is no to any of the options a, b or c above, your tenant has the right to do this and you may not require payment for june.

If the answer is yes to any of the options a, b or c above, then you can require pay for june, given that you receive a notice on the 1st of march.

These are the main legal aspects of this. I advise you to communicate with your tenant and try to find a solution that suits the both of you. If you have any further questions, use the comment function below. I wish you the best of luck.

Best regards,

Olle Hansen Ölmedal
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