Should I go to court or sign an agreement with the company that disclosed my private information?

Hello!Quick question.A Swedish company disclosed my private information without my consent. They admitted that they made a mistake, and asking me to sign on a paper saying that I should not talk about it with anyone under the condition that they pay me 2000 SEK.Is this something I should do, or should I go to court (worth doing it?)?Thank you in advance.Best regards

Hi and thank you for turning to Lawline with your question.

I will try to answer this question with the information given in your question. As I don't have information about how much and what kind of personal information the company has shared with a third part, it's hard for me to determine whether signing the papers or going to court will be the most efficient and benefitting choice for you.

The company's eagerness to keep it a secret and their willingness to "compensate" you tells me that they are risking losing much more money if you decided to report them and seek legal help. Depending on how serious the disclosure of your personal information is and what kind och third part/person has gotten access to it, the compensation you may get after a decision in court could be a lot more than 2000 kr.

Therefore it's up to you to decide if you want more compensation or feel like their violation of your integrity is of the extent that you feel the need to take it to court, then you should do it. But you must be aware that the process in court will take much longer time and effort on your behalf, but it may be worth it in the long run.

You are welcome to send in more questions if you have any.

Kind regards,

Hellin Gültekin
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