Säljare undanhöll oenhighet med styrelse inför försälning av lägenhet (engelska)

2017-08-29 i Köplagen
Hello, I signed a contract to buy an apartment few months ago, where it was stated " a refurbishing was made without the permission of the styrelsen, but now the problem is closed. Any extra expense due for works related to that refurbishing requested by the styrelsen will be paid by the seller" . Now, few days before entering the apartment, I discovered, and the seller confirmed, that the case was not closed, and that he received a letter from the lawyer of the styrelsen stating that, before we signed the contract. Moreover the styrelsen claim that other issues were created by the seller, that he denies, but also in this case he did not tell anything to me. Is there room to break the contract before entering and get back the 10% still in the hands of the broker? Moreover, the broker says he has no responsibility on this unfaithful declaration, is it true?

Hello and thank you for contacting Lawline.

When you buy an apartment, it must be identical with the contract, the description and other pieces of information given to you by the seller before the purchase (17 § köplagen). If the apartment differs from this information, it is considered faulty. You may terminate the contract if the fault is relevant to you and the seller realized or ought to have realized that (39 § köplagen).

Thereby, the question becomes whether or not the sellers disagreement with the board (styrelse) is a fault and if so, if that fault is relevant to you. The same applies to the other discrepancies that you described. Judging by the information you have given me, it seems unlikely to me that a refurbished apartment could be considered a fault. The disagreement between the board and the seller will be solved between them and should not affect you. I cannot judge the situation more without further details

If you think the apartment is faulty and you want to terminate the contract, write this to the seller. If he does not oblige, you may pursue this further by submitting a law suit to the court (more info here). If you need help with this, you may contact our law firm here.

I hope that answers your question. Please don't hesitate to contact us again in the future.

Best regards,

Samuel Karlsson
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