Refusal to pay (betalningsvägran)

2015-02-28 i PROCESSRÄTT
When a person has refused to pay money and there was no any paper signed showing the person owes you... But there is bank transactions... Can you still sue the person?

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The answer to your question depends on the situation. If you lent someone money and they claim it was a gift, they have the burden of proof according to the case NJA 2014 s. 364. In other words; giving someone money without receiving anything in return is considered to be a loan (not a gift), unless proven otherwise.

You can use (almost) anything as proof in a Swedish court of law according to 35:th chapter 1 § rättegångsbalken. In other words; you can use the bank transactions as proof. If someone else knows about the transactions, you can ask them to testify in court.

If you decide to sue the person who owes you money you have to consider what could happen if you lose the trial. If you lose, you may have to pay for the defendant's costs for the trial (18:th chapter 1 § rättegångsbalken). However, this depends on how much money he or she owes you (1:st chapter 3 d § and 18:th chapter 8 a § rättegångsbalken).

I would advise you to contact a lawyer and discuss with him or her if it's worth filing a lawsuit, considering that there is always a risk of losing the trial.

I hope the advice was useful. Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.

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