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2017-06-19 i Hyresavtal
Hi, I hope it's okay that I write in english, as I am from Denmark and don't have very good swedish writing skills. I live (together with another girl) as inneboende in an apartment with my landlord and her son. They don't own the apartment but rent it from a boligforening. My room is 8-10 sqm with access to bath + kitchen. The same goes for the other girl, all though her room is 12-15 sqm. We both pay 5000 sekk each and the total rent of the apartment is 13.000 sekk which mean that my landlord and her son pay 3000 sek plus usage of electricity etc. I would estimate the entire apartment to be 80-90 sqm. My question is: Is the legal for her to set the price as she wants to or is there a max she can rent the rooms out for? Thank you in advance,

Hello and thanks for contacting us at LawLine!

It's of course fine to write to us in English.

If I understand your description right, your landlord lives in a rental apartment and then rents out parts of it to you.

Basically, when you enter a contract you are bounded to it (see 1:1 AvtL). This means you are obligated to fulfill your part of the contract which is: paying the rent you agreed to. But since your landlord hires it out to more than one person it may be considered as a business. This means that your landlord has to follow the “hyreslag.”

The “hyreslag” contains regulations about how much one can demand as a rent (see 2:19 JB). Although there are no strict regulations about what can be seen as reasonable, hyresnämnden has pronounced that the landlord is not allowed to demand as much as they want.

Hyresnämnden says that you can turn to them if the rent is unreasonable, then it will be up to them to decide whether it is unreasonable or not. If they find out that it is unreasonable, the landlord has to lower the rent and may have to retroactively repay the part of the rent that is considered unreasonable.

Hyresnämnden will i.a. look at the furnishing, since the landlord is allowed to increase the rent for i.a. furnishing.

I suggest you turn to “hyresnämnden” with this, since there is a chance that the rent your landlord demands is unreasonable. (Follow this link for instructions on how to contact hyresnämnden).

If you need further help please contact one of our lawyers.

I hope this was an answer to your question!

Best regards,

Josefine Johansson
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