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2016-03-03 i Sekretess
GreetingsIt has come to my attention that my personal information is available for free, with a more detailed report available for a price, to absolutely anyone seeking it from private companies such as Ratsit. This is completely unacceptable. As a private person I demand that my personal information be available only to government agencies and not shared among private businesses to whom I have given no consent to use said information. I seek legal advice how to proceed.Sincerely

Hi and thank you for your question.

The only possible way to prevent these private companies from publishing your information here in Sweden is if you have a protected identity (skyddad identitet) or a note of secrecy (sekretessmargering)

You can apply for a protected identity at the Swedish Tax Agency (skatteverket). To be eligible of a protected identity you have to be the victim of a serious and concrete threat. This "serious and concrete threat" has to be proved when applying. If you recieve the status of protected identity, the Tax Agency will every year revise the status of protected identity and the "serious and concrete threat" has to proven once more.

I hope I answered your question.


Simon Adolfsson
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