Praktiska möjligheter till juridisk hjälp för målsägande i utsatt position

Hej, I have heard about you from Centrum För Rättvisa's. I am writing to you in great distress. I am badly in need of some legal support as an immigrant entrepreneur.

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I´m sorry to hear about your sitaution. First of all I know there is an organisation called gatujuristerna (the street lawyers) they help people with little resources solve legal problems. Even though they primarily target homeless people and the poor, they might very well consider you appear to be in a very vulnerable position, being ill and in a foreign country. Unlike us, they meet you in person and might be able to follow you through the process. You can find their website here: They might be able to support you through the process and explain more about what will happen. 

Since you have filed a police report as a victim of a crime, the state might also appoint a legal counsel (målsägandebiträde, in Swedish) for your benefit if there is a trial or an investigation by the Police. The court is responsible for appointing one for you. 

Thomas HefnerRådgivare
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