Period of notice regarding a rental appartment

2019-10-26 i Hyresavtal
Hej,I have a question regarding the notice period. I have given the landlord one month's notice now in October, making my last day the 30 of November, but only through Facebook, since the landlord is not in the country currently. Is the notice still considered a legal notice? It is written notice still.Since the landlord comes back in November and it is only then possible to do a proper legal paper about it. And if the paper is done in November, would that make my last day the 31st of December or is it still from the date that she received the notice?Thank you in advance


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The main rule is that you give your landlord a written notice in accordance to 12 kap 8 § jordabalken. The notice should be sent by a registered letter, in that case you can use the date on your receipt as the day that the landlord got the notice. Even if he or she doesn't pick up the letter from the post office. If you dont use a registered letter then you start counting from the day the landlord confirms that he or she recieved the notice. Since you sent the notice by Facebook it's possible that the notice isn't valid if the landlord hasn't confirmed it yet. I would recommend you to send a registered letter. The letter needs to contain the address and the number of the apartment, the name of all the persons who are on the contract and it should be adressed to the landlord.

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