Legal rights when buying a defective product

Hello and thank you for your help. Here is my story. Just before Mid-summer this year I bought a Seadoo (Jet Ski) on blocket from a private seller. I took it home and put it in the water the next day, I never made it out of the harbor, It started up and with in a minute or two the oil warning light came on and the engine stoped. The next day after more inspections I found Oil in the bottom of the boat and metal flakes in the oil filter. (the engine is blown). I contacted the seller to inform him of the problem. It took over a week for him to respond and he feels bad but says its my problem. I offered to settle the matter by suggesting we split the cost to rebuild the motor. He dose not respond to my emails or text messages. DO I have any legal action against him. The blocket ad read that it was a 2005 with 100hrs in great shape and was just serviced. Now that the engine went bad I found out infact the seadoo was a 2003 model year. Thanks fore any advice


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Hi and thank you for contacting us at Lawline!

From your description I understand that you are wondering if you have any legal rights against the seller.

Since this is a transaction between two private individuals the applicable law is "köplagen". The question here is to establish if the Jet Ski counts as a defective product, in which case it is possible to take legal action.

There are a few ways a product can be defective. First of all if the product does not match the description in the contract (17 § köplagen). Secondly the product can be defective if it does not correspond to the information provided by the seller before the transaction (18 § köplagen).

For this situation to become a legal issue the defect must have been present at the time of the signing of the contract (21 § köplagen).Further on the buyer has to complain within a reasonable time (32 § köplagen), and also he/she cannot complain about anything that should have been discovered before the transaction (20 § köplagen).

I find it nearly obvious this Jet Ski was defective before the transaction due to the blocket ad where the seller practically lied, so to say the description did not match the product at all.

When a product is defective, according to the law, you have the right to demand for redress, ask for a price reduction or annul the purchase (30 § köplagen). If the seller still not answers you can sue him.

I hope you are happy with this answer!


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