Hyra i andrahand - Vad gäller om det ej stått "möblerat" i hyresavtalet?

Me and my boyfriend have been living in an apartment on a secondhand contract. This guy we got the contract from wanted to move out of the country. He told us we could sell his stuff at some point when he knows if he can stay. When we got there we saw it was impossible to live there without packing some stuff down because there was no storage space for our own things. We packed most of his things down over the months we lived there. The bad news came, he would be coming back and now we moved to a new place. The problem is that this guy has basically gone mental. Before we moved out he told us to restore everything 100% and we said that won't be possible cause we don't remember how everything was (it was a dump). He got super angry and started calling us bad people and whatever else bad words so we clarified that all his stuff is in boxes and not gone but that was not okay for him. He said we should not have moved anything (This was obviously not in the contract). He said we would not get the apartment back after he leaves again (which was the agreement). Because he was so rude we decided to leave without putting a lot of things back, we put the boxes into the apartment instead of the basement. Now he keeps texting and calling, says he would call the police. I don't think we broke the law? He keeps harassing us. I'm getting scared of him, do we have to go back? For the contract, he never made a list of his belongings btw. We are just two students and don't want legal problems

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Hello and thank you for turning to jawline with your questions!

When you are second hand subletting you can have both an oral agreement and a written agreement, JB 12:39-40 (actually not stating that any contract needs to be entered into, e-contrario both oral and written contracts are binding) . It isn't unusual that the rental agreement for student flats have a clause that prescribes that the room / flat is rented furnished and that the tenant isn't allowed to refurnish substantially. But because you have had a written agreement and, from what I understand, there hasn't been such a clause, you are not obliged to restore anything and you have not broken any laws when you packed his things into boxes.

If he keeps harassing you, I suggest you simply tell him that it was not written in the contract that you weren't allowed to move anything and therefor you thought it was OK. Neither law not contract has been broken.

Hope it was the answer to your question!


Hej och tack för att ni vänder er till lawline med era frågor!

När du hyr i andra hand gäller både muntligt som skriftligt kontrakt, JB 12:39 (som egentligen inte anger att ett kontrakt behövs, e-contratio gäller både muntliga som skriftliga kontrakt). Det är inte ovanligt att hyresavtal gällande studentlägenheter har en klausul som anger att rummet hyrs ut möblerat och att hyresgästen inte får möblera om väsentligt. Men eftersom ni har ett skriftligt avtal där, vad jag förstått det som, en sådan klausul inte skrivits in så har ni inte varit skyldiga att återställa lägenheten till dess ursprungliga möblemang och ni har inte brutit några lagar då ni packat ned hans saker.

Om han fortsätter att trakassera er med samtal så föreslår jag att ni helt enkelt säger ifrån att kontraktet inte angett att ni inte varit tillåtna att möblera om och att det därför varit okej. Varken lag eller kontrakt har brutits mot.

Hoppas att det var svar på er fråga!

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