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Please tell me: 1. How could I bring a legal action to solve the problem ( which lasts for over two years) of dividing an inheritance , in Sweden including recovery of damages causated by the other two heirs? 2.From which Swedish institution could I get reliable information about the current situation of the heriage and what will happen to her? 3.Because my pension is only 1306 SEK monthly I can not get a lawyer,so I would know if I could benefit, at least initially, of a free legal assistance, but also I would like very much to pay a lawer using money from my portion of inheritance, but I do not know how to do this. In fact, I would like to know if the respect for the Justice still exists or not in Sweden, I mean if , really, I do not have to give up the realization of justice only because I have no money nor energ to fight. Anytyme all necessary details and full responsibility. Thank you for the smallest kidness!

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Dear Raceanu radu ion,

Thank you for contacting Lawline for help!

Judging from your question you are mainly asking as to whether you are entitled to legal aid in Sweden? As I do not know all circumstances in your case, personal information (insurance etc.) I would first advice you to visit this website: Legal aid in Sweden (english). The information stems from a governmental authority called "Rättshjälpsmyndigheten". Provided that you fulfil the criteria you could get reduced legal consultation as well as legal aid. I would urge you to go via this procedure firstly.

Should this not suffice you can also try contacting law firms around Stockholm and see whether they provide free legal consultation, initially. This will vary amongst the law firms and thus I cannot give you a clear cut answer as to the possibilities of this. Calling the firms and asking for information will naturally always be free.

I hope my answer has been helpful!

Kind regards,

Viktor SerbánRådgivare
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