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2015-11-04 i Skuldsanering
I have two cases in court that I will loose in this month since I do not have any lawyer and can not afford.I would have two type of debt, 1 is to Skatteverket and the other one is to private company in Denmark....i am unemployed and my income from A Kasse is 4000 sek a month.I do not have any property or any saving etc... we live in a rented furnished apartment and nothing even in the apartment is ours.1. if I claim Personal Bankruptcy, how long the Debt would follow me?.. 2. is it forever or is it for 5 years?...Please let me know if possible before I kill myself.Best Regrads,Siavash Tehrani

Hi Siavash.
Thank you for your contacting Lawline.

What you refer to as personal bankruptcy, or "personlig konkurs" in Swedish, can only be decided by the district court that makes a decision on bankruptcy and appoints a bankruptcy administrator. During the bankruptcy the property and money of the debtor are divided between the creditors according to a certain system, as far as it is sufficient after the costs of the bankruptcy have been paid. I would not deem declaring bankruptcy as a wise choice since it is not suitable for your problem at hand. For example, since the fee for applying for bankruptcy is 2800 SEK and your income is 4000 SEK, it wouldn't be beneficial for your to chose such a procedure.

What I would recommend you doing is to apply for debt restructuring ("skuldsanering" in Swedish) at an administrative authority called "Kronfogden". What it actually means is that a heavily indebted person under certain conditions may be exempted from the obligation to pay its debts in full or partially. One of the pre-requisites is that the applicant can't pay his or hers debts for the years that follow which I, based on your circumstances, deem to be fulfilled.

Nevertheless, I would recommend you to visit the website of Kronofogden (which can be found here) or, even better, to call or visit them so that you can fix your problems as soon as possible.

I hope my answer has given you somewhat of a guidance and that you'll find a solution to your problems.


Khashayar Kiavash
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