Cancellation of a rental contract

I signed a innebeonde contract it will start from 31/12.

i Didn't pay anything yet. the owner told me there is a key for my room for my privacy and then I recognize that the key is not working.

Now I found a better place for me and I need to cancel the contract.

What shall I do in this situation

Contract signed on 17/12

Best regards

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Thank you for turning to Lawline with your matter.

The contract you have signed has become legally binding as a result of you and your counterparty signing it. The only way out of it is through cancelling the contract. A cancellation will obviously bring a period of termination notice. However, the termination notice can differ depending on the definition of the object being rented and the length of the rental period. It's hard for me to specify how long it is going to be for you without more details regarding the contract. I can however say that it can at the shortest be 1 month and the longest be 3 months.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways of getting out of the contract. Claiming a "breach of the contract" and thus cancelling the contract immediately is rather difficult since I assume you have been provided the room which is the essential part of the contract. The threshold to claim a breach of the contract is rather high. It requires some sort of substantial breach.

I hope this answers your question.

Kind Regards,

Hashim Mohammed RithaRådgivare
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