Cancellation of a commercial lease

Hi I have a shop that I rented on 2016-12-01.I need to move to other place by the owner says the contract is already extended for 3 years and I have to have the "Lokal" until that time.Is there any way to force them to cancel the contract?This is what is written in our contract: (Hyrestid: Från och med den: 2016-12-01 Till och med den: 2019-11-30Uppsägning av detta kontrakt ska ske skriftligen minst 9 månader före den avtalade hyrestidens utgång.I annat fall är kontraktet för varje gång förlängt med 3 år månader)Thanks

Hi and thank you for turning to Lawline!

Unfortunately the answer is no. There are of course many possible scenarios in which a contract could be cancelled, but from the information that you've given me, I can't see that any such scenario is a reality in this case. I'm therefore forced to answer your question from a strictly contractual standpoint. The cited provision doesn't violate contract law (neither general or specific) and therefore the landlord can't be forced to cancel the contract. Again, this conclusion is drawn only from a contractual standpoint. I should also note that the cited provision is most certainly inaccurate, because it reads "[…] extended by 3 years months", which as I'm sure you understand doesn't make grammatical sense. I suggest that you take a second look at that provision.

I hope that you and your landlord can figure this out.


Jesper Eng
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