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A former employer refuses to sign a correct arbetsgivareintyg. He has signed several false ones and even forged my signature on a document stating that I quit my job of my own accord. I reported this to the police but they closed the case stating that the original document could not be produced. The union is trying to help but this former employer does not take them seriously. The union claims that the current political party has made the union weak. This problem has gone on for more than one year. Is there anything more that can be done from a legal standpoint?

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Thank you for you question and I'll do my best to answer it.

An employer is, as you mention, obligated by law to sign a correct "arbetsgivarintyg" according to 6 c § LAS. This certain obligation is called a "ordningsföreskrift" which basically means neglection of the obligation enables an economic liability for the employer not invalidation of the contract.

The best way is, just as you've done, to talk to the union and let them handle the case. I would argue that the union still has a very strong hold and substantial power on the swedish field of labour.
If you however feel they're not representing you satisfyingly you can yourself initiate a legal process by submitting a "stämningsansökan" to your local court (tingsrätt).
The downside to this is that you yourself may be obliged to pay for your, as well as your employer's, trial costs in case of loss.

Regarding the forging of your signature, this constitutes a crime and please contact your police again if you have further questions about that process.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

Best regards,

Thomas BorgenfalkRådgivare
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