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I work in a staffing agency "bemanningsföretag" and according to my contract with them they owe me some money that they don't want to pay me!

my question is: what is the Governmental entity that is supposed to look into these kind of disputes and has the authority to compel the company that I work with to give me my money? and even fine them for not following the terms of our contract which is clearly against the law!

I contacted "Arbetsförmedlingen" and they told me they don't handle these kind of cases.

I contacted the union and they refused to handle the matter cause I am not a member with them.

I even contacted the Police and they told me it's not their job to deal with this!

So to whom should I turn to in this country? thanks.

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Thank you for contacting us regarding your question. I will do my best to assist you.

If an employer refuses to pay you as agreed upon in your contract, they're committing a breach of that contract. This means that you are in your fully right to immediately quit your job if you wish. (Employment Protection Act 4 §, paragraph 3, here.) It also means that you now have a claim against your employer. In addition to this, you have a right to interest on a payment that is overdue (Interest Act 3 §, here.)

In order to receive your payment and interest, you can take your claim to the Kronofogdemyndigheten (website here.) They will then send out an order to pay to your employer. (Law on Payment Order and Assistance, 2 §, here.) For this you will have to pay 300 SEK. On the website you can find more information on how this is done and different forms you can use. If you do not understand Swedish, I would recommend you to contact the Kronofogdemyndigheten directly so they can give you more precise information on how you should proceed. If your employer refuses to follow the order you can take them to court over this.

I hope this information was useful to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us again should you need further assistance.

Best regards,

Emmy RosendahlRådgivare
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