Arbetsgivare erlägger inte arbetstagares lön (Company does not pay salary)

Hej. Company dont pay money for the work. Where can i get a help?


Thank you for contacting Lawline regarding your question.

Since your employer has not payed your salary, you have the option to resign. Failing to pay a salary is a procedure which is a serious breach of the employer´s obligations to you as an employee (4 § 3 st. Lag om anställningsskydd). In addition to the option to resign from your employment, you can choose to continue your employment but try to get paid for the debt. I recommend you to communicate with your employer, and you can also contact your labour organisation if no correction has been made. You can also contact Kronofogdemyndigheten if my further suggestions do not lead to any progress in your case. Kronofogdemyndigheten can confirm it as a debt and you can apply for a payment order. After you have submitted an application, Kronofogdemyndigheten will send a letter of demand to the person who has a debt to you (your employer). If your application is disputed by your employer, Kronofogdemyndigheten will take the matter to court at your request. Your payslip and employment contract will be of great value as evidence in that case.

I hope that this has answered your question. You can always contact us at Lawline again if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Janine Hindemark
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