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Hej, My girl freind lived in my appartment for a short period of 1 month. Now, she moved to her son appartment but she is refusing to change her adress to her new place,because of social bidrag her son sambo gets in that appartment. They live 3 of them in 2 rooms appartment, and all of them gets over 30000 krona incomes, that is why she said she cannot move her adress from appartment. And me too, i need to bring my wife to my place and I cannot have 2 girls names in my appartment. What can I do PLS?

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Dear A.L, If your ex-girlfriend is still written on your address even though she is not living there, without being part of any rental contract (because if she is on the contract or if she has any part in ownership of the apartment then it is completely an other question and you should not take the following text in consideration) my suggestion for you is to contact skattemyndigheten. It is at skattemyndigheten that you register (folkbokföringen) and you should tell them that she is not living at your place and that you want to know how to solve the problem. Skattemyndigheten has a duty by law to help you and to be helpful and service minded. The second thing that you should do is to contact försäkringskassan (the authority that pays out the subventions) and ask them as well about what they think you should do and tell them about how your ex-girlfriend is behaving. Last but not least, it can be of importance to contact the police and denounce your ex-girlfriend, because if it is true as you say that the woman is still written on your address in order to get subventions from the state (bidrag) of any kind, it is illegal and it can be punished. And also, if your knowledge about their behavior is correct, then even you risk to get in trouble with justice because of the fact that you have not contacted the authorities. Therefore, it can seem as if you are a part of their crime. Of course this last option may seem some what excessive, so start by calling skattemyndigheten and ask them what to do! Hope this will help you, and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions! Best Regards, Giulia Cilio Burman
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