When does a request of division of property regarding an ending of sambo partnership need to take place?

HelloI separated from my Sambo and moved out of our apartment last weekend. He bougjt5ot for us to live on. How long dp I have time to claim my part of the apartment according to sambolagen? Is there a time period? Thanks a lot

Hi! Thank you for turning to Lawline with your question. If I understand it correctly you are wondering if there is any time limit for you to claim your part of the apartment when separating from your sambo, according to sambolagen.

A sambo partnership ends if the sambos or one of the sambos enters into a marriage, if the sambos move apart and if one of the sambos dies (2 § sambolagen). If the sambo relationship ends for reasons other than that the sambos enter marriage, division of the property shall take place if one of the sambos requests it (8 § sambolagen). In that case, the request for division of property must be made within one year after the samboo partnership ends. This means that you have one year, from when moving out, to claim your part of the apartment.

I hope you got an answer to your question!

Nicolina Abaas
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