Utom rimlig tvivel att stöld inte snarare var virrighet? (engelska)

I have a question regarding fine amounts.One of my friends bought something from a shop but forgot to pay the price.When he was leaving the shop, was identified by the security and then has been sent to a police office.My friend explained them that he completely forgot to pay the price.They told my friend he can leave the place if he pays a fine around 2300 SEK otherwise he should wait for court.He accepted to pay the fine.So I would like to know is it logical and fare?

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Your friend has been accused of theft according to 8 kap. 1 § brottsbalken. It is usually not considered reasonable doubt when the accused simply claims to have forgotten to pay. He would need a doctor's note of impaired memory or something else to support his claim.

I hope that answers your question, my apologies for the delay. We are receiving a lot of questions through our free service at the moment and since we are working pro bono, we do not have have enough time to answer all questions that we get, especially not within the time frame that we would like to. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future with your legal questions! Try our express service for a guaranteed quick response!

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Samuel Karlsson
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