Tillverka alkohol för eget bruk

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, I am reaching out to you because I would like you to share your expertise on one subject: the production of alcohol at home for personal use. In fact, I would like to know if the production of alcohol spirits at home for personal use is allowed/legal in Sweden.  Could you please let me know if the production of alcohol spirits at home for personal use is authorized in Sweden.  Could you also indicate me the regulation/article of law which regulate this subject? If you do not have knowledge of such subject, could you please, if possible, indicate me the name of the national agency or minister that I should refer to ?I would like to thank you very much for reading this mail and provide me with an answer. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, Yours sincerely,

Hello, and thank you very much for your question.

In Sweden we have quite strict rules regarding alcohol consumption, compared to other countries. This is mainly due to health and security reasons.

It is illegal to produce liquor for own personal use in Sweden. The definition of a liquor is a liquid where the alcohol concentration is higher than 2,25 volume procent (2 kap. 1 § Alkohollagen).

However, It is legal and perfectly allowed to produce the alcohol kinds such as wine, beer and cider for personal use. You are allowed to produce these kinds of alcohol types at home without any approval from the government, you need no authorisation for this (2 kap. 3 § Alkohollagen).

I hope you got an answer to your question. The relevant laws are linked in the answer above.

Best Regards,

Emma Gurander
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