Sambolagen - apartment and household goods

2021-07-31 i Bodelning
I moved to Sweden '20 for my partner. After 2 months he bought an apartment for us to live in. I contributed 50000 sek to the buy, but I am not mentioned in any contracts. What are my rights? I am separating from him now.

Hi and thank you for contacting us. If I understrand you correctly, you wonder what rights you have regarding the apartment to which you have contributed with 50 000 kr.


When you move in together with your partner sambolagen becomes applicable. When separating from a partner, the properties that you have bought together or in order to use together should be divided between you both (3 § sambolagen).

An apartment used as home for you both should therefore be divided. It does not matter which partner that has bought and paid for the apartment, provided that the purpose was that you would both live in it - the fact that you are not mentioned in any contracts does not matter in this case.


You have right to half the value of the apartment and the household goods that you have bought to the apartment. It does not matter that you are not mentioned in any contracts.

I hope that I have been able to answer your question and do not hesitate to contact us again!

Kind regards,

Viktoria S
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