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2016-03-31 i Faderskap
Hello,I am 35 year old. I am in relationship for 10 months & living with my girlfriend for 1 month. We are not married. Neither we have Sambo agreement yet. We live in Stockholm. Unfortunately, we are not happy together & we have big differences. She is pregnant by a month now. I would like to separate from her & live in different apartment. Please let me know if I can have equal rights on the born kid ? Can I keep the kid with me for 3-4 days & she can keep the kid 3-4 days in a week ? If we do Sambo agreement , will it help to get equal right on the kids ? Thanks !Regards,

Hi, thank you for asking Lawline for help!

First of all, you do not need a samboagreement for the two of you to be considered sambos in accordance with the law.

If you are the father, you have the same rights as the mother to the child. Since you are not married, you have to confirm the fatherhood to the child. This can be done in a court or by Socialnämnden.

Regarding spending time with your child - everything has to be done while keeping "the childs best" in mind. The child has the right to spend time with both parents. The solution you mention in your question is one of many ways to solve that arragenment.

The parents can make an agreement about how much and when the child should live and see the parents. This agreement has to be given with the help and consent of Socialnämnden.

I do hope my answer gave you some help. Otherwise, comment below and I will answer it!


Moa Bodin
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