Rätt att driva AB från utlandet? (engelska)

2017-10-08 i Bolag
Hi, I open AB company in Sweden in that time I was in application for permanent residence, and now they make a decition and it is negativ. Can you tell me what will happen with my company now. I am Serbian and can I still manage my company here althought its happend? Ass a board members i have 3 person one is 50% owner and he is Serbian, other one is Swedish and he doesn't have ownering, and as a third I myself. I have 50% ownering of company, and until now I was Swedish but now its complicated little bit. Thanks you for answer. Best regards!


Thank you for consulting with us at Lawline.

The fact that you are not a Swedish citizen doesn not affect your right to serve in the company board. However, the fact that you are not living in Sweden does. At least 50 % of the board members must live in the European Economic Area (EEA) (8 kap. 9 § aktiebolagslagen (ABL)). Serbia is not currently part of this group but it may change since Serbia is in the process of possibly joining the EU soon. Until then, if both you and the other Serbian person are living in Serbia, that means 67 % of the board members are living outside the EEA and the company fails the requirement.

Exceptions are possible and must be granted by Bolagsverket. You can write to them and explain your situation and they might grant you the right to keep managing your company from Serbia. There are no laws about what they will consider when making this decision but the fact that Serbia might soon join the EU could matter, as well as you having applied for a permanent residence.

I hope that answers your question. Please don't hesitate to contact us again in the future!

Best regards,

Samuel Karlsson
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