Parking fine without any signs / Parkeringsböter utan några skyltar

2021-04-09 i Parkeringsböter
Hej I parked my car on the road where there was no road sign on a sunday in Malmö I read that where there is no sign you can park for 24 hours but we received a fine what can we do


Thank you for turning to lawline with your question!

I will try my best to answer your question in english, for the sake of translation mistakes, I will write the correct key swedish words in parentheses.


In Sweden, we have different parking signs that indicate however you can park in a specific area and for how long. In your case, you did not see any of those signs and presumed based on what you read that parking for 24 hours therefore was allowed.

However, in Sweden, we have a parking sign with a blue square and the letter ''P'' printed on it in white color. This particular sign indicates that you are allowed to park there for 24 hours unless otherwise stated. Based on the fact that you recieved a ticket and there were no signs, I presume that the specific area perhaps was a ''no parking zone'' meaning that it is forbidden for anyone to park their car in that specific area.

Municipal street land or private land?

A crucial factor, however, is whether you recieved your fine on muncipial street land (kommunal gatumark) or private land (privat mark). The reason why this factor is decisive is because of the fact that the police only handle parkings fines (parkeringsanmärkningar) issued on municipal land and not so-called controll fees (kontrollavgifter) which are issued on private land by a private parking company.

This distinction is important because your appeal can't face a private parking company if the ticket was ruled on muncipial street land, and vice versa, an appeal can't face the police authorities if the ticket was ruled on private land by a private parking company.

Appeal in case of parking fine ruled on muncipal street land (parkeringsanmärkning)

What you could do, if you feel that you have been given a wrongfull parking ticket is to appeal. You proceed by handing in a written report to the police authorities (Polismyndigheten). In your appeal, you must state the circumstances as to why you are appealing and whatever evidence you have in favour for your appeal. (9 § första stycket Lag (1976:206) om felparkeringsavgift)

To download the form to appeal to the police authorities, click here.

Appeal in case of controll fee ruled on private land by a private parking company (kontrollavgift)

If the fine was ruled by a private parking company, you shall turn your appeal towards that specific company. You proceed by handing in a written report in which you state the circumstances as to why you are appealing and whatever evidence you have in favour for your appeal.

Since you have to turn to the specific parking company, I can't provide you with a general form link.

General knowledge regarding the payment

One last thing that you need to keep in mind before you appeal is that a parking fine (betalningsanmärkning) needs to be payed before an appeal. When it comes to controll fees (kontrollavgifter), they can be appealed without been payed.

To summarize:

1. You must determine whether you've recieved a parking fee (betalningsanmärkning) or a controll fee (kontrollavgift)

2. Appeal to the right subject, meaning either the police authorites or private parking company.

3. In case of parking fee (betalningansmärkning) pay before you appeal.

I hope I answered your question, if any doubts, make sure to ask a new question!


Ibrahim Halwachi
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