Is it possible for a landlord to ban tenants from bringing guests over?

2019-09-30 i Hyresrätt
Hey,Can my landlord ban me bringing guests over, like boyfriend/family, or ask for a extra rent if i do?Also is it legal for them to also state in a contract that I cannot bring strangers in the apartment?

Thank you for contacting Lawline!

Firstly i would like to note that it is not possible for your landlord to ban you from bringing guest over to your apartment, nor can they ask you for extra rent if you decide to do so. Your landlord can only stop you from subletting your apartment without permission, but there is no legal possibility for a landlord to ban tenants from inviting guests. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that the tenant is responsible for what his or her guests do when visiting the apartment (12 kap. 24 § JB). This means that if your guest would cause any damage to the apartment, you as the tenant will be held responsible for the damage.

If you have further questions you are always welcome to once again contact Lawline!


Emma Bergman
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