Inneboende eller andrahandsuthyrning


I have been having a first-hand contract from my landlord and currently serving my notice period which ends on 30th September. But i am moving to other apartment bit earlier by the month of July itself.

Is it legal to share my current apartment to my family member/friend till end of September using Inneboende contract?

Can you please advise me?

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Hi and thank you for reaching out to Lawline!

When it comes to renting out your apartment it can be done in two ways. Either by renting out a room to an "inneboende" or subletting the apartment. Having an inneboende means that you still live in the apartment while the room is rented out, while subletting means that the person renting the apartment is living there on their own.

Since you won't be living there during that period an inneboende contract won't be sufficient since it would be considered as subletting the apartment, for which you would need permission from your landlord.

Hope you are satisfied with your answer! You are always welcome to reach out to us again with further questions.

Best regards,

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