Illegal driving - affect on becoming a Swedish citizen

2019-03-31 i Migrationsrätt
Olovlig körningThe court fined me Dagsböter 30 om 50 Kr ( illegal driving ), I have no idea about this law and happened with me first time, the driving distance about seven minutes, all of that are mentioned in the investigation. Note that I passed the Tiore two days before the event and a week later I got the Swedish license. My inquiry: -Does this decision will affect to delay access to citizenship? If yes, is there an opportunity to object the decision to get a acquittal or change the ruling in a way that does not affect the delay of obtaining of Swedish citizenship?

Hello, and thank you for contacting Lawline with your question.

Illegal driving

Illegal driving according to Swedish law, is when you drive a car (or any other vehicle that requires a license) without having a valid driving license. (3§ lagen om straff för vissa trafikbrott) It does not matter if you already passed the theory, if you did not yet have your license. Therefor, you can not get an acquittal. The penalty for illegal driving is a fine, and the 30 "dagsböter" that the court fined you is the typical sentence and it is highly unlikely that an appeal would change anything.

Does this affect the possibility to get a citizenship?

Being sentenced for a crime does not mean that you can not get a Swedish citizenship. However, it is required that you wait one year after the sentence, and also that you pay your fine.


An appeal would not lead to anything, since your fine is the typical sentence for illegal driving. My advice is to pay the fine, and then you have to wait for a year before you can become a Swedish citizen. You can read more here.


Anna Johannesson
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