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My boyfriend and I just bought an apartment 50/50. However he will bring in the complete down payment (1.6MSEK) and we would like to have this written legally.

Should we sign a samboavtal? Where do we get this? Can we amend it? Who can help us to write the amendment? Who has the ability to approve legally the changes we will bring to this agreement/what does make this agreement valid in regards of the Law? Should this agreement and amendment be stored somewhere?

Thank you ahead for your support & wishing you a nice day

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Hi and thanks for choosing Lawline!

It is a very good idea to write a samboavtal. There are no requirements for the form of the agreement, only that both of you need to sign it. You can write what you think should not be divided equally between you in case of a separation and also that the down payment should belong to you boyfriend. If you do not feel secure to write it on your own you can always turn to us at Lawline and we can help you, I pasted the link to our service in the bottom of the question. The agreement will be legally binding when both of you have signed it and does not need to be stored anywhere special.

You can find our service to write samboavtal here:

Hope you feel that you got an answer to your question.

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