Emancipation or force father to supply information required for university application in the United States?

2017-01-26 i Vårdnadstvist
My daughter is applying for financial aid to study at university in the United states, her father who has a history of mental health issues and alcoholism refuses to supply his economical information which is requirement of the application.Is there any way she can become emancipated from him legally?Or summons him to supply the information required?Supplying the information makes him in no way responsible to pay any part of her university tuition.

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Based on the information you have provided, I am assuming your daughter and her father are Swedish citizens.

Since 1989 emancipation is not an institute upheld in Sweden. Emancipation would anyway mean that a person has the same authority to make decisions as an adult (not minor) would, see 9:1 FB, meaning that neither you nor her father would be regarded as being her guardians.

There is no legal way to force him to supply his economical information.

Instead there is a possibility for you to file for sole legal custody, according to 6:5 FB.

Hopefully the answer helped you. You are welcome to ask more questions if needed.

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Michelle Gaudin González
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