Do I have a claim on half of the vehicle?

My partner and I have recently split up after 6 years together. We had a vehicle that was in her name but I paid half of that vehicle. The vehicle was purchased when we were together and for purpose of us both to use. Do I have a claim on half of that vehicle?

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Do you have a claim?
First of all, assuming you and your partner were living together (sambos) then both of you have a claim on certain belongings according to the law (3 § sambolagen). This kind of belongings are called "samboegendom", and can be furniture and household-devices etc (6 § sambolagen). A vehicle is not included in that kind of belongings, therefore it is your partner, the owner to the vehicle, who has the legal claim. You can't claim a right to the car through sambolagen (8 § sambolagen).

But since you have paid half of the vehicle, and your partner half, then the both of you have a 50 % claim each (1 § lag om samäganderätt). This means that a disposal of the vehicle shall take place with the consent of all co-owners. This means that you have a claim on the vehicle (2 § lag om samäganderätt).

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