Can I get my passport back temporarily from Migrationsverket?

2019-02-08 i Migrationsrätt
Hi,I applied for asylum and have received temporary residence permit and travel document. I want to take back my original passport which was taken when i applied for asylum. I want to travel abroad and i have valid visas in it. Is there any risk of taking your original passport back? And how is the procedure (i have travel document given by swedish authorities)?Thanks

Hi! Thank you for contacting Lawline for help in this matter!

You can get your passport back temporarily – it will not affect your processing time!

All you have to do is email Migrationsverket (click here). It will take up to 3 weeks before you get your passport, from the day you send the request – so think about this when you make plans for your travels!

As for your concerns of potential risks, there is a risk sending things via post. But, I would not worry about this! Migrationsverket uses a secure mailing service (a recorded delivery). You will probably be able to track the parcel and will need to identify yourself when collecting it.

Also, like I mentioned above, this will not affect your processing time!

I hope this information was helpful! Feel free to send in any more questions you might have, until then I wish you the best of luck with your travels!

Yours truly,

Alicia Yngstrand
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