Can I change the lock to my apartment without asking the BRF ? And do I have to give a spare key to the BRF?

I just bought an apartment in Stockholm and I was wondering if I can change the lock in my apartment's from door or do I need consent from the BRF? Is there anything in the law that says I cannot change the lock of my apartment without consent from the house association? Also, am I obliged to leave a copy of the key with the association board if they request it?

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Hey! Thank you for turning to Lawline with your question!

I will divide the questions and answer them separately.

The apartment owners right to change the lock

There are no laws that regulate whether you, as an owner, have the right to change the lock or not. You have to look at the agreement between you and the BRF as well as the rules of the BRF (in Swedish called stadgan). If that's not regulated in neither of them, you are free to change the lock to your apartment.

Something that is good to know though is that you are responsible for being able to restore the property in its original state. So if you change to another type of lock, it is a good idea to save the old locking cylinders so that you can insert them if needed when you move out. However, if you change the lock and make any damage to the door you need to ask the property owner's permission, which in your case is the BRF.

The BRF right to enter the apartment

Regarding the BRF right to enter the apartment the principle rule is that you have an exclusive right to your apartment, which means that the BRF only have the right to enter after getting your approval. This also applies if they have a spare key or a so-called main key to the accommodation. The only time the property owner has the right to enter your apartment without you receiving information about it, is when an emergency action is required, such as water damage or fire risk. For regular maintenance, you must have consented before they entering the apartment. If you do not give it within a reasonable time, the property owner can request a handrail from Kronofogden to get in.

To answer your question regarding whether you have to leave a spare key or not, the answer unfortunately is that it depends. This is not something that is regulated by law. To find the answer to your question, you would have to check the rules of the BRF (stadgan).

Many associations solves this problem by having a tray outside the front door where they lock in their spare key, which then the BRF can access with an external key that only you and they have access to. But as I said, there are no laws regulating this, what you need to do is to check the BRF rules (stadgan). It should be regulated there if you need to give the BRF a key. If it is not regulated there, you do not have to give them your key.


In conclusion the question you asked is not regulated by law. To find the answers to your questions you will have to check the BRF rules (stadgan). If nothing is regulated there, you can change your lock without asking and you do not have to give the spare key to the BRF.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at and I'll be back as soon as I can!

Best regards,

Isabella VasiliouRådgivare
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