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dear sir,

I have been in Sweden for 4 years but I was denied residence permit. After marriage, I left the country and am in India now waiting for the processing of my application for a residence permit on family ties. Now I am considering to compelet my studies and therefore want to apply study permit at Canada or the Australian Embassy in India. I want to know if my application for a residence permit in Sweden makes a hindrance to my application for a student visum in Canada or Australia. Can I apply study permit in Canada or Australia while I am waiting for the handling of my case in Sweden? How much the embassies know about my stay in Sweden and my residence permit application? I would like to know how much information they have and they need to know in an interview.

I dont want that my application at Migration Board in Sweden can be a hindrance to my new application for a study permit.

Do you have experience in similar cases and what's your advices to me .


Lawline svarar


Thank you for contacting Lawline.

In order for the Australian or Canadian government to know about your application there has to be a bilateral agreement regarding information exchange or you have to inform the government yourself. However, I do not know if your application for a resident permit in Sweden will have any impact on your application for a study visa in Australia or Canada. This is a question of internal Australian and Canadian law, which differs from internal Swedish law. I therefore advice you to reach out to someone who is familiar with Australian or Canadian law. Perhaps there is an equivalent to Lawline in these countries.

Once again, thank you for contacting Lawline and I wish you good luck with all of your applications

Kind Regards,

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