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2019-04-07 i Förvaltningsrätt
Hello Lawline, Please I got this question.(SWEDISH CITIZENSHIP) 3 July 2018, I apply to the Sweden migration on REQUEST TO CONCLUDE MY CASE, after I waited for 16 months without decision. The migration rejected my request and mistakly I didn't appeal the rejection to the court within 3 weeks. After 6 months , January 2019 my case was still not decided... I REQUESTED TO CONCLUDE MY CASE again for the second time but the migration said that one can ONLY use the request (one time) once during the period of processing a case. Today I have been waiting for 26 months and still nothing from the migration abroad...Here is my question, is it possible to get permission directly from the COURT as regards my case to be settled or make a new application... I have already made a mistake of NOT appealing to the court on first chance I had on the REQUEST TO CONCLUDE CASE And I have also reported to the JO OMBUDSMAN... What else can I do? Your answer/advice would be highly appreciated... Thank you in anticipation

Hi and thank you for using Lawline!

The procedure that you've described in your question can be found in 12 § of The Administrative Procedure Act (förvaltningslagen). According to this rule, you can unfortunately only request the authority to conclude your case one time during the process of the case. The Migration Board was therefore right to reject your second request.

You can't longer use The Administrative Procedure Act to make the Migration Board conclude your case, even if 26 months actually is a long time and normally unacceptable. My advice to you would be to report the case to JO, which however you've already done. There isn't much more you can do at this state, besides just waiting for a reply from JO. If it doesn't go well there is a possibility to report the case to Justitiekanslern (JK) - here.

I wish you good luck with your case!

Kind regards,

Niki Moini Mostofi
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