Admittance to the Swedish bar with a foreign law degree

Dear Sir, Madam,

I\'m a law student currently in my last year (master programme) of Law School in Belgium and I will graduate in June 2010.

I would like to know what the possibilities are to recognize my diploma in sweden and be admitted to the Swedish bar in order to practice as a lawyer in a Swedish firm.

Besides that I wonder if you can also work in a law firm in Sweden without being admitted to the bar, because in Belgium that possibility does not exist.

Yours sincerely

Lawline svarar

In order to be admitted to the Swedish bar you must hold a Swedish law degree. With a law degree from any other country you must thus still pursue a Swedish law degree, i.e. your diploma is not recognized as an equivalent, but you can get some credit for your previous studies should you study law in Sweden. You can however practice law in Sweden without a Swedish law degree but not in the capacity of an attorney. In what capacity You can practice law is up to each respective employer. Foreign counsel positions are however rather common at the larger firms.

Yours Sincerely

Martin ÅgrenRådgivare
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