Will a speeding ticket be registered in the criminal record?


I got a speeding ticket for 58 km/h in a section with a maximum speed of 40 km/h, and I have already paid the fine.

Will this violation be recorded on my criminal record, and if so, what are the potential adverse consequences accordingly?

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Thank you for contacting Lawline with your question!

All violations are registered in the criminal record. The time before it's erased depends on which penalty that has been sentenced. Violations resulting in a ticket would be erased after five years (17 § 9 p. lag om belastningsregister).

The main rule is that only yourself, and some certain authorities, can request an extract from your criminal record (9 § lagen om belastningsregister). The most common occasion when violations in your criminal record could affect your life is when you're applying for a job. Employers themselves don't have the right to request an extract from your criminal record, but they can ask you to request it for them. Whether it will affect your possibilities of getting a job is hard to say, but in most cases a speeding ticket should have a very small significance.

The answer to your question is that your speeding ticket will be recorded on your criminal record for five years after the violation. The potential adverse consequence is that your violation might affect your ability to get a job. But, as I stated before, a speeding ticket should have a very small significance since it isn't a severe crime.

I hope you're satisfied with the answer!

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