Which is the proper arbitration body for expedited arbitrations in Sweden?

If the contract has an arbitration clause like "the disputes shall be settled by Expedited arbitration in Sweden", does it mean we have to choose Stockholm Chamber of Commerce for the arbitration body? Are there any other arbitration body we can choose? Thank you for your answer.

Except Arbitration institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has Expedited Arbitration rules, are there any other institute or association has Expedited arbitration rules?

Lawline svarar

Thank you for turning to Lawline with your question.

Expedited arbitration is commonly used in disputes regarding small/mid-size contracts. The reason for this is simply that the procedure is time- and cost efficient compared to a trial in a regular court.

In Sweden there are no laws that specifically govern expedited arbitration procedures other than the guidelines formed by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). The concept expedited arbitration is in Sweden, as far as I know, commonly only associated with SCC.

Therefore the very use of the concept "expedited arbitration" in the contract strongly implies that SCC is meant to be the proper arbitration body also in your case. By my assessment this means that the answer to your first question is yes - SCC is the the proper arbitration body. The answer to your second question is no - as far as I know there are no other institutes or associations in Sweden that provide guidelines for expedited arbitrations.


Peter HolmerRådgivare
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