Undanhålla giftorättsgods från bodelning/withholding of marital property

Hi sorry,

I don't speak swedish but I need some help.

I'm married since few years and my wife asked a divorce a month ago. During our marriage I bought with my money outside sweden an house and in the paper we wrote that I buy with 100% ownership according to the law 1987:230 ak td

Now my question: Can we reclaim something when we will do the split?Can I during the period of the 6 months donate that house for free to someone and in that case I donate can she reclaim anything?



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Tack för att Du vänder Dig till Lawline! Thank You for asking Lawline for legal advice!

If you buy property during your marriage it's regarded as marital property held jointly and thus subject to split in half after a divorce, according to 10 kap. 1 § and 11 kap. 3 § law of marriage (äktenskapsbalken) (1987:230). You can however both agree, in a prenuptial agreement, that certain property becomes the other ones own property. If the house you've bought isn't agreed to as your own property according to the pre-nup, then it's subject to half split in a dissolution of marriage.

If you withhold property by for example giving it to someone, the agreement between you and the recipient of the gift is invalid according to 34 § law of agreements (avtalslagen) because the purpose wasn't to give but to withhold that certain property. Since in that case there's no valid agreement, the gifted property is considered to still be marital property.

According to 11 kap. 14 § äktenskapsbalken any gifts of marital property within three years before a case of divorce was opened, that isn't insignificant, is regarded as if the property was never given away by that partner. In other words such gifts are invalid. A gift can be reclaimed from a third party recipient if he or she knew or should have known that the purpose of the gift was to hurt the other partner, see 13 kap. 3 § äktenskapsbalken.

Hoppas Du fick svar på Din fråga! / Hope this answers Your question!

Mvh/With regards

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