Police report due to defamation

HelloMy wife's ex boyfriend making rumours about me like i'm addicted to drugs and alcohol which affecting in my social and work relations so I want to know if I can make a police report about him since I have strong evednce and what chapter of law is considered in my situation.Best regards


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You can make a police report
Yes, you can make a police report. The applicable law is the Swedish Penal Code, that is brottsbalken (BrB). This could be a case of defamation which is a criminal offence. In swedish legislature a criminal offence is what is dictated in the Swedish Penal Code or in other criminal law legislature that induce penal measures (1 kap. 1 § BrB). You will find defamation as ärekränkning in 5 kap. BrB, which could be applicable in your case.

You may also have a right to financial compensation
You may have a right to financial compensation for damages caused by defamation. The applicable law for compensation is the Tort Liability Act, that is skadeståndslagen.

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