​Is there gift tax for money from abroad in Sweden?

2020-08-17 i Gåvoskatt
What are the tax implications of gifted money from abroad? We are Residents, my wife's father in Romania wants to gift her 400k SEK towards a house down payment, we are wondering what liability for taxation we will have.

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Is there gift tax for money from abroad in Sweden?

There is no gift tax in Sweden (8 kap. 2 § inkomstskattelagen). For the transaction to be classified as a gift, the following things needs to be fulfilled. There must be a intention to give you something from the giver, there must have been a transaction of some form, and it must have been done voluntarily. If this is the case, then the transaction is classified as a gift and there is no gift tax. I suggest that you also check what the law is in Romania so that you don't have to pay any tax or fees there.

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Emil Bengtsson
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