Harassment, ID theft and threat – legal actions

Hello,I'm not sure if my case is something you deal with but if not i'm be happy if you give me a name or contact to an institution that would help me. I've been harassed by a mentally ill man and I've opened police cases for harassment, ID theft and threat. The person has been sending me odd messages and used my email to subscribe me to a great number of random websites. He's even send me a message that I deserve to die because I don't like him back and sent me a video of 10 most brutal murders. I don't think he knows where I live. I've been trying to contact the police but it seems to be impossible so I don't know how to make them work on the case. Do you have any ideas how to stop this? Thank youSona svihelkasona@gmail.com

Hello and thank for choosing to pose your question here at Lawline!

Harassment, ID theft and threats are all crimes and are supposed to lead to consequences for the offender and the police should definitely open a case and investigate your situation. Since the threats have been done over email that would mean that you have it in writing, which is very good. The issue with harassment and ID theft is to prove that a crime has been committed, but that will be the job for a professional.

Since I don't know where in Sweden you live I will leave you a link where you can see which lawyers that work within you living area. It wont cost you anything to give a lawyer a call and ask for their time, normally the first consultation is around 1500 kr, but it depends on the lawyer and firm.

This is the link to the Sweden's law society where all legitimate lawyers are listed so it's easy for you to find one that can help you close to where you live. The area they should work within is called "criminal law", see here: https://www.advokatsamfundet.se/Advokatsamfundet-engelska/Find-a-lawyer/Search-result/?firstname=&lastname=&areaoflaw=2301

Good luck and I hope that you find a lawyer that can help you and that you are satisfied with your answer!

Kind regards,

Ophelia Wigström
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