Fortkörning, hur länge kommer mitt körkort vara indraget?

Hej, I was stopped by police for speeding, on a 50 road I was going 90, normally I never drive like that and always follow the rules, but here I want to pass the big lorry on the road as small stones and sand were blasting from behind, so I change the lane and accelerate, I was surprised that it was 90, as I do not look on speedometer, and I was sure that I am not going more then 70 , as I want to pass it and do not disturb other traffic, but police is right my speed was to high, so they took my license on place, today I get fine which I will pay, cause I agreed with them, but my question is what penalty I will get form Transportstyrelsen, as it my first traffic fine on my driver license that been issued around 2 years ago with passing before all the tests and on basis that I have non European driver license for 10 years? Thank you

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You write that your license was issued about two years ago, I am going to assume that it was licensed more than two years ago. If it was licensed less than two years ago there is a probationary period which means that your license will be revoked.

Penalty from Transportstyrelsen
When a driver's license is revoked there will be a disqualification period, which is decided by Transportstyrelsen (3 § 5 chapter Körkortslagen (1998:488)). The disqualification time depends on the traffic rules that were disobeyed, your need for a driver's license and how you have behaved in the traffic before.

If a driving license is revoked due to speeding, the minimum disqualification period is one month and the maximum is three years. Normally, on a road with a speed limit higher than 40 km/h, where the driver is going 31-40 km/h too fast the license will be disqualified for two months. This of course depends on the situation and the conditions regarding the specific violation.

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