Change of occupation with a work permit

2019-12-30 i Migrationsrätt
Hello! I renewed my first Swedish work permit in Oct 2019 and right now I am on my second 2-years of work permit. From January 1st 2020, I will change my role from IT Consultant to Solution Architect in the same company and actually same department. My question is should my employer inform this change of role to Migrationsverket so there wouldn't be any problem when I want to apply for a permeant residence permit?


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According to 2 kap. 2a § 3 section Aliens act a work permit is applicable to the specific employer and occupation indicated in your decision for the first 24 months. And after the 24 months and when you have recieved an extension, as in your case, the permit is connected only to your occupation/profession.

Regarding the information you have given me I understand it as you are staying at the same employer but with a different role. This means that either you our your employer must submit a new application for your new profession. But as long as al the prior submissions have been done on time you can start working with your new profession right after the new application has been sent, although you're waiting for a new decision.

My recommendation is to send in a new application today or tomorrow if your are changing your role the 1st of january.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further questions.


Fiama Jimenez Flores
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