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hello i'm wondering if there's any law in sweden about Statue of limitation that says you dont have to pay back loans if they have existed for over 2 years. do we have somthing equal to this statue of limitation in sweden? and if so how does it work and what does it cover?

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The Swedish regulation concerning statue of limitation are stated in Preskriptionslag (1981:130).

The principal rule is that depts are written off after a 10-year period (2§).

But if the deptor is considered a consumer, in a contractual relationship with a professional business, then the limitation-time is reduced to a 3-year period.

Though this limitation-time, regardless of 3 or 10 years, is subjected to a "limitation suspension action" that when used resets the limitation-time (5§). A limitation suspension action can be triggered at any point during the limitation-time, by any of the following actions; (1) reminder, (2) exaction, (3) claim or (4) any other formal legal action.

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